Yet another year of my 20s has passed and I am so grateful for all the things- big ones, little ones and everything in between I have experienced and lived through. Also, I am equally excited for the things to come. To begin with, I didn't feel that good about turning 22 so much that... Continue Reading →

Brains for breakfast

I was lost.  The street was dark and it wore a post-apocalyptic look. I was roaming aimlessly. I didn't know if I'll completely recover from the horror the viral pandemic had caused. But I was not alone. Humanity was mortified with fear.There was nowhere to go, no one to talk to.  The pandemic had wiped... Continue Reading →

700 words

The story starts long ago, miles above in the sky, right in the very abode of the Creator, where God was churning in his cauldron, his ‘dream project’.God had a plan.The cauldron was bubbling with a range of colors. God added to it a good amount of beauty, intelligence, virtue, strength, good voice and also... Continue Reading →

To: Miniature me

Dearest little elf,I hope this letter finds you safely, in your secret garden.***SPOILERS AHEAD***You DO grow up after all. And this is me, your older self.In the muggle world, I live in a place called 'reality' and I am known as an 'adult' here. You should see my picture. I'm not scary… But hey! Blame... Continue Reading →

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A victim of time

A quick question for you. What is the fastest of all?  If the kid in you just said 'cheetah', that's very cute. If you said something like 'Boeing 747', good for you. And yes, 'light' seems to be the answer. But, believe me. There is something in this world which can compete with the speed of light.... Continue Reading →

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Voices in my head.

No. I am not hallucinating. The other day for some reason I was feeling embarrassed. I swear I didn't ask for it. It was a set of irritating neurons in my head that started firing their questions.(…and worst of all, answering them on their own …)"Now, don't go to the details…""But do you remember that... Continue Reading →

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Lessons from lockdown

          We all are new to this word- 'lockdown'. This 2020, it was enforced on us from nowhere, given the current crisis. For some it gave the gift of time..loads of them. It distanced friends and lovers but brought together families. It brought in the concept of "life outside jobs" when people merged these two for... Continue Reading →

making lemonade out of quarantine

The covid 19 pandemic Crisis has resulted in a world wide lock down and several casualties due to its ill effects globally. Now that we are locked up in our own perfect little golden cage we barely can keep ourselves sane. With the existing difficult lifestyle to adapt and negativity all over the social media... Continue Reading →

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